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Plan Your Year Ahead with Astrology

Plan Your Year Ahead with Astrology

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What is coming up for you in the year ahead?

In this reading I will look at your natal chart and compare it to the astrology of the coming year.

Which planets are the most important for you this year?
Which parts of your chart are being activated?

I also use a technique called Annual Profections aka Timelords, which is so useful for figuring out the part of your life to focus on in a given timeframe, and how to best work with the planetary energetic tides to bring your goal setting and planning in line with the natural energy flow.

Since I have been using this technique I have found it a game-changer. It really helps me to stop feeling overwhelmed because I don’t have to work on All.The.Things at the same time. 

Annual profections help you to identify:

  • The house/ area of your life which is currently emphasised for you
  • The planet / Time Lord which is your (co) ruling planet for this period of time

This means that you can plan clearly for the year ahead. 

 Why Choose This Reading? This reading is specially designed to help you gain clarity, feel supported, and thrive in the year ahead. Using astrology as a guide, you will receive a clear roadmap for growth. 

When to Have This Reading: This works really well as a year ahead reading, where I will look at what is being activated for you in the coming year. It is also good as a solar return (birthday) reading.

The Practicalities: The reading comes as a recorded video. Once you have checked out you will receive an automatic email from "me" (via this shop platform) confirming your purchase. When your reading is ready I will email you the private link so that you can watch it. Maximum turnaround time is two weeks from purchase, but I try and deliver these readings within this timeframe. 

Why have an astrology consult with me? I have been studying astrology since 1992, originally focusing on natal charts and modern psychological approaches. In more recent years I have moved into a more traditional astrology paradigm with a special interest in medical astrology. It fascinates me and I love nothing more than reading about astrology and taking courses. I bring all of this learning and experience to my readings. 

Small Print/ Astro Nerd stuff: I prefer to use the whole sign house system and am heavily influenced by traditional astrology techniques and methodology, however I do still include the outer planets in my readings. If you're a stickler for placidus and would prefer I use that then let me know and I can accommodate you.

I use the western (tropical) zodiac in my readings.

I take a semi-fatalistic approach to astrology, in that I believe the natal chart does represent a fixed potential in a very similar way to our DNA. However, again similarly with genetics, I believe the decisions and actions that we take during our lives influences our outcomes. Just because we have a huge potential in our charts doesn't mean we will reach it, similarly, just because we have challenges in our charts doesn't mean they will flatten us. We can work with what we've got. And astrology is one of the best tools for helping us do this in my opinion.

UK Law requires that I state all tarot and astrology readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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