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Natal Chart Astrology Consult

Natal Chart Astrology Consult

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Natal charts are fascinating! The timing of our birth is a snapshot. A moment frozen in time. And also a blueprint for our personality and development during our lifetimes. They include clues and keys to all areas of our lives including: identity, finances, friendships, family, fun, health, relationships, aptitudes, vocation, community and spirituality.

In this consultation we will break down the positions of the planets in your natal chart, uncovering your strengths, weaknesses, and potentials for growth.

Consultations last 60-90 minutes and take place on Zoom. Your session will be recorded for you to download and refer back to if you wish.

I will email you a link to my calendar to book your session asap after you checkout. Please allow a few days between receiving this link and your session, as I will need time to study your chart and prepare. (Usually timescales for booking in are longer than this anyway. I am currently booked a month in advance).

Disclaimer: UK law requires I state that astrology consultations are for entertainment purposes only.

Small Print/ Astro Nerd stuff:

I prefer to use the whole sign house system and am heavily influenced by traditional astrology techniques and methodology, however I do still include the outer planets in my readings. If you're a stickler for placidus and would prefer I use that then let me know and I can accommodate you.

I use the western (tropical) zodiac in my readings.

I take a semi-fatalistic approach to astrology, in that I believe the natal chart does represent a fixed potential in a very similar way to our DNA. However, again similarly with genetics, I believe the decisions and actions that we take during our lives influences our outcomes. Just because we have a huge potential in our charts doesn't mean we will reach it, similarly, just because we have challenges in our charts doesn't mean they will flatten us. We can work with what we've got. And astrology is one of the best tools for helping us do this in my opinion.

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