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Vision Your Year Workbook 2024

Vision Your Year Workbook 2024

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🌟 Vision Your Year Workbook 2024: Your Personal Guide to a Magical Year

I'm so excited to share this comprehensive 90-page "Vision Your Year Workbook 2024." The workbook is a digital download designed to be your trusted companion as you craft a clear path for the coming year.

This isn't another journal, no, it's a planning guide, designed to be worked with and filled out in advance of the coming year. It includes all of the things I find valuable to consider and work through to get clear on my purpose - my vision - for the year ahead. If goal setting gets you down, or you find it hard to figure out your priorities, then this workbook will help. And even if you're a seasoned goal setter, I believe that the Vision Your Year Workbook will offer you a more magical, energetically tuned-in, and satisfying way to approach the year. 

What's Inside?

The workbook is in three sections:

  1. Reflect: We start with where we are now. Begin your transformative journey by reflecting on the lessons, triumphs, and growth of the past year. Guided prompts will help you distill the wisdom gained and struggles overcome (or ongoing), empowering you to see clearly what it is you want to bring into the new year, and what you want to leave behind. 

  2. Collect: This is the missing piece from so many goal setting and productivity approaches. The new year is a clean slate of sorts, but it is not a blank slate. Each year has its own energy signature and potentials which we can work with for our benefit (or work against and struggle). Dive into a rich exploration of influences that shape your journey. From numerology and astrology to tarot and goddess guidance, this section provides a holistic approach to inform your goals. Discover your word of the year and let it become a beacon for your intentions.

  3. Plan: Uncover what is really important and ripe to focus on for the year, as you work through prompts to identify key areas of your life. It's not about doing it all; it's about honing in on what truly matters and is energetically aligned. From these insights you will craft manageable, inspiring goals that will propel you toward a year filled with purpose.

Why Choose the Vision Your Year Workbook? This isn't just a workbook or planner; it's a heartfelt creation with love and magic poured into every page. As a strange and spiritual person, I understand the importance of a tool that's not only well laid out, but also friendly, supportive and inclusive of difference and magic. The Vision Your Year Workbook is crafted to be your ally, guiding you through the steps of reflection, exploration, and intentional planning. It encompasses the steps I have been using in my own planning - evolved using trial and error over many years. I know that this works. 

Practical Details:

  • Format: 90-page digital download.
  • Access: Immediately available upon purchase.

How It Works:

  1. Add the "Vision Your Year Workbook 2024" to your cart and complete your purchase.
  2. Instantly receive a download link to your inbox.
  3. Set aside some time for yourself, grab a cosy beverage, and dive into the magical experience of visioning your year ahead. (There is a lot in there though, so don't expect to fill it all in one session. Always be kind to yourself). 

I've poured my heart and soul into this workbook, and I wholeheartedly believe that it will be a catalyst for your most fulfilling and inspiring year yet. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Here's to your vision, your goals, and your incredible year ahead! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wendy Cross

I had some problems reflecting on last year but the prompts really helped. I'm still working on collecting my information but I'm enjoying the whole process. I haven't done anything like this before but it is really great.


Absolutely love it so easy to work through.i will definitely buy again next year


Jessica did such an amazing job on this workbook! I am still working through it and am loving it!