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Life Path Tarot & Astrology Reading

Life Path Tarot & Astrology Reading

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Am I on the right path?

It's such a tricky question. We think we are but then things change and it can feel like we have lost our way. Or we are so busy we don't get much time to think about where we are heading/ where we are on our life journey.

This combined tarot and astrology reading can shed light on where you are now and what you need to do to get where you want to be.

I developed this reading specifically for answering life path questions and have found it really useful both in my own development and for helping others.

It uses targeted tarot questions alongside information in your natal chart to shine some light on your talents and challenges, and how you might be able to find ways to unlock your potential.


What happens after I book?

After you checkout you will receive an automated email confirming your order. All services are delivered via email link. So please make sure your preferred email address is the one used during checkout. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order straight away then please check your spam folders. If it still hasn't come through then please reach out via the contact page. I will then email you personally to ask for the birth data - date, place, and time (as close as possible if you're not sure) - so that I can create your natal chart. 

For Recorded Video Readings: Your reading is done by me, a real person, and not a bot (like others on the internet), so can take up to 10 days to arrive. I prefer to take my time with readings and really give them my full attention so it is not always a super quick process. After you check out you will receive a confirmation email and your reading will be sent via email no later than 10 days after. The reading itself will be around 45 minutes in length, this does not include my preparation time studying your natal chart.

If I need any further information in order to undertake your reading then I will be in touch personally to ask for that.

What sort of information will my reading contain?

It will have info about your recent path and your current situation and how you have got where you are now. It reveals your innner (often unconscious) motivation for following your life path and the concerns or blocks which hold you back. Sometimes people know what these blocks are, often they don't, so this can be extremely valuable information. Your reading will cast light on your unique gifts which you have to share and offer ideas on how you can get these gifts to the people who need them.

Will it tell me about my love life/ finances/ health?

Usually no. This reading is focused on you and your gifts and looking for ways forward so that you can reach your potential in life. Sometimes this means you will be working with other people closely, which can be a lover or partner, but this is finding your unique soul purpose we are talking about here - not about whether you're going to meet a tall handsome stranger. Likewise it can bring up aspects of finances and health but only as they relate to YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

Do I need to ask a specific question for the reading to work?

The question I ask when doing this reading for you is "What does [your name] need to know about their life path?" This generates the bulk of your reading. If anything is unclear or more detail would be useful I often ask a further question such as "what does [your name] need to know to move things forward?" or "what is [your name] not currently aware of which could help them to move forward?" This will generate further information which I add to your reading. I also have your natal chart to refer to, which reveals a lot about your potential and what kind of things you need to feel fulfilled and living life on purpose.

UK Law requires that I state all tarot and astrology readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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