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Goddess Guide & Word of the Year Reading

Goddess Guide & Word of the Year Reading

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I walk with the goddess,
The goddess, SHE walks with me

I have created this two-in-one reading as a way to offer a meaningful connection with the divine feminine AND practical steps for how that works in your day to day life. It is a personalised report to illuminate and inform your path for the year ahead. 

Goddess Guidance: Embracing a goddess as your companion for the year provides a powerful anchor point and supportive presence. This practice is one which has nourished and supported me personally for many years now, and it is a gift I'm excited to share. In this reading, I'll intuitively choose a goddess to guide you, providing insights into her unique energy and wisdom. Using a Goddess Oracle Deck, I will draw a card specifically for you, revealing the goddess who will walk alongside you in the coming months. Along with this, you'll receive personalised information about your goddess, as well as creative ideas on how to deepen your connection throughout the year.

Word of the Year: A good word of the year is a powerful focus, a touchstone that guides and nurtures your growth. It's not just a word; it's a companion that stretches, challenges, and enchants you. In the second part of your reading, I will suggest words that resonate with the energy of your goddess guide, providing you with options that align with your unique journey. Your chosen word will serve as a beacon, offering clarity and direction as you navigate the months ahead. To help you integrate this word into your daily life, I'll also provide practical suggestions on how to make it a constant presence—a source of inspiration and motivation throughout the year.

Why Choose This Reading? This reading is specially designed to help you gain clarity, feel supported, and thrive in the year ahead. By combining the guidance of a goddess with the power of a carefully chosen word, you'll receive a roadmap for personal growth and empowerment. 

The Practicalities: The reading comes as a personalised PDF document, which you can print out or keep in digital format, whichever works best for you.

I use goddess oracle cards for these readings and will include a picture of your goddess and information on the deck used. 

Once you have checked out you will receive an automatic email from "me" (via this shop platform) confirming your purchase. When your reading is ready I will email it to you. Maximum turnaround time is two weeks from purchase, but I try and deliver these readings well within this timeframe. 

UK Law requires that I state all tarot and astrology readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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