Astrology and Tarot Forecast for January 2024

Astrology and Tarot Forecast for January 2024

Happy New Year! 

We made it. It's 2024. 

Astrology for January 2024: Overview

Overall this month sees a continuation of many of the themes we saw at the end of 2023. It is unlikely to feel like a complete sea change come January 1st. 

We have Saturn and Neptune still together in Pisces enacting themes of dissolving old structures in favour of new, more healing and creative, alternatives (and the resulting pushback from those who benefit from the status quo). We also have a continuation of Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus; food production and resource management will be ongoing themes this year.

However there are subtle differences, such as Pluto shifting into Aquarius, and by the end of the month these small variations contribute to a larger overall shift in energy. 

Here's the breakdown 

1st Jan - Sun is alone in Capricorn, you may feel like setting goals which align with your core values, but the momentum or follow through likely isn't there (yet).

2nd Jan - Mercury finishes its retrograde period and stations direct at 22 Sagittarius. Channels of communication start to clear.

4th Jan - Mars enters Capricorn adding some momentum for those resolutions and goals

10th Jan - Both Mars and the Sun form helpful aspects adding some depth and grounding to the plans and ideas which are forming now

11th Jan - The Capricorn New Moon sees the Sun and Moon together in this stable Earth sign, but being squared by the nodes in Aries and Libra. This puts this lunation in the bends or at the bending, the midpoint of the nodes. New Moons are usually good beginning points, but the configuration of this one looks more like an ending. As it's a South Node bending it looks like an excellent time to release anything which is holding back the construction of those Capricorn values - achievements, success, recognition. It would also be an excellent time to make an offering to a supportive spirit, deity, mountain, or cause which aligns with Capricorn energy. 

(Those of you in the MoonWise Membership will hear more about this in the members video coming on the 12th). 

14th Jan - Mercury (re)enters Capricorn, with Sun, Mars and Mercury all in this cardinal Earth sign now plans can really start to take shape. If you haven't yet set goals for the year there is still time, and now also the energy and brainpower to do so. Venus also makes a supporting trine to the North Node today, lending support and energy to your efforts.

19th Jan - Venus squares Neptune in Pisces, probably a nice day, but not one for getting a lot done (unless you have daydreaming on your to-do list). 

20th- 21st Jan - The Sun leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, but, just before doing so, passes over Pluto in the very last degree of the sign. Pluto then follows the Sun into Aquarius the next day. We had a taster of this Pluto in Aquarius energy in 2023. Some are seeing this ingress as the beginning of the true Age of Aquarius, where we can birth a new consciousness here on Earth which honours ALL who live here - people, animals, plants - not just the richest humans. This could be a day worth paying attention to. 

25th Jan - Full Moon in Leo, fixed fire sign and home of the sun. All the planets are direct (well, Uranus is stationing, but almost direct) at this lunation and it looks like a good one for taking action. For me this looks a better "new year" point than Jan 1st. The energy is focused and productive. This is especially supportive of goals which resonate deeply with you at a heart/ core level, and which will be of benefit to the collective. This doesn't mean you need to solve all the world's problems, but you may have some breakthroughs and new ideas - and the energy to act upon them - at this Full Moon. (MoonWise Goddesses you will hear more about this in the video for the Full Moon on January 19th). 

27th Jan - Mars and Mercury conjunction in Capricorn, this can be a spicy and potentially irritating one, luckily Venus is close by to smooth things somewhat. 

28th - 29th Jan - we have a series of aspects formed by Mercury, Venus, and Mars, some of these are slightly challenging, but most are supportive. If it feels like there's a lot going on over these last few days of the month that's because there is. Cut yourself plenty of slack. 

Tarot Reading for January 2024

The beginning of the year signals a moving away from the past, which seems like a (very) obvious statement, but this year that will feel more conscious and real than it does in most years.

We are aware now that things are changing FOR REAL. The world is not the same place as it was just a few short years ago. It can feel kind of scary but in fact we have always being living with uncertainty and conflict, it was just easier to ignore in the past.

It's our task this month to do the work necessary to free ourselves from painful bonds and behaviours so that we can move forward freely. By working on ourselves we bring more coherence and possibility to the whole world. 

We are supported and encouraged in this work, we just need to look beyond what we think we know, to see the way that the water is flowing and find a suitable vessel to ride the waves.

Stay connected with your emotions, but if you need a break, meditation will be extra helpful this month, as will any activities which help you connect with your sense of joy, freedom, and creativity. You are more powerful than you know. 

six of swords and the sun  card from the tarot of the divine

Deck is The Tarot of the Divine (affiliate link). 

I hope this is useful and wish you a wonderful January.

Warmest Blessings and Thanks






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