Symbolizes Mercury's movement into Leo, showing a lively discussion among women in colourful robes in a lush garden at sunset, highlighting bold and expressive communication.

Astrological Forecast for July 2024: Emotional Depths and Explosive Shifts

July calls for a balance between introspection and action, inviting us to embrace change, communicate authentically, and align with our deepest values and aspirations. 

The month is marked by several significant planetary movements and aspects, including retrograde motions, conjunctions (Mars Uranus I am looking at you) and ingresses, which collectively urge a balance between sensitivity and action.

Key Transits and Their Implications:

July 2nd - Multiple Shifts:

  • Mercury Trine Neptune: Enhanced intuitive and creative communication.
  • Sun Square North Node: Tensions around personal versus collective paths.
  • Mercury Moves into Leo: Shift towards bold and expressive communications.
  • Saturn Retrogrades in Pisces: A call to revisit and solidify emotional boundaries and spiritual paths.

July 3rd - Venus Trine Saturn; Mercury Opposes Pluto:

  • Deepening emotional connections that are both nurturing and structurally sound.
  • Conversations may delve into power dynamics, demanding honesty and transformation.

July 5th - Mars Sextile Saturn; Cancer New Moon:

  • Initiatives taken now are supported by practical wisdom and endurance.
  • A powerful time for new emotional beginnings and setting intentions that align with your innermost needs. The New Moon Guidance Video will on YouTube Jessica and the Moon June 28th. 

July 8th - 9th - Dynamic Aspects in Communication:

  • Venus’s and Mercury’s aspects with Uranus and Jupiter encourage innovative and optimistic interactions.
  • Jupiter's sextile to the North Node points to opportunities for growth through expanding your networks.

July 11th - 12th - Sun and Venus Trine Neptune; Venus Moves into Leo:

  • Spiritual and romantic interactions are highlighted, offering a dreamy quality to relationships.
  • As Venus enters Leo, expect a shift towards more flamboyant and expressive love expressions.

July 15th - Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus:

  • A potent day for sudden actions that may change your course, especially regarding finances or physical matters.

July 18th - 21st - Sun and Mars Aspects with Uranus and Neptune:

July 22nd - Sun in Cancer Trine Neptune; Sun Moves into Leo:

  • A moment of deep emotional insights and creative inspiration.
  • The Sun’s ingress into Leo marks a period of increased self-expression and leadership.

July 23rd - Sun Opposite Pluto:

  • As each of the planets cross into Leo (Mercury on the 2nd, Venus on the 11th, and then the Sun on the 22nd) they make an opposition with Pluto, encouraging a completion of a way of being related to that area of our life, and an opportunity to find a new way. For the Sun this represents a  significant confrontation with issues of control and power, potentially connected to career, life direction or soul purpose.

July 25th - Mercury Enters Virgo:

  • Communication becomes more analytical and detail-oriented, excellent for problem-solving.

July 26th - Sun Sextile Mars:

  • A day energized by assertiveness and the drive to achieve personal goals.

July 31st - Sun Trine North Node:

  • A harmonious aspect that aligns personal identity with life's path, encouraging bold steps forward.

Click this link to watch the video forecast for July, including tarot predictions.

Insights for Each Zodiac Sign:

(Read for your rising sign if you know it, or your sun or moon sign if you don't).

Aries: Focus on home and emotional foundations early in the month, with a shift towards personal expression and romance later. Significant interactions and decisions related to career and public image are highlighted.

Taurus: A month of significant personal change, especially related to finances and self-worth. Mars in your sign brings energy and determination, culminating in powerful actions around mid-month.

Gemini: Social interactions and communication are key themes. The movement of planets into your financial sector later in the month shifts focus towards security and values.

Cancer: An emotionally charged month, with a new moon in your sign setting a reflective tone. Later, as planets move into Leo, the emphasis shifts to personal resources and self-esteem.

Leo: A transformative time with Mercury and the Sun moving through your sign, bringing energy and focus to your personal projects and identity. Relationships and professional collaborations are in focus towards the month’s end.

Virgo: A period of introspection prepares you for Mercury’s return to your sign, enhancing clarity and efficiency. Focus on health and daily routines.

Libra: Social life is vibrant, with potential for new romantic connections. Later in the month, you’re called to pay more attention to private matters and personal renewal.

Scorpio: Career and public responsibilities dominate early July, with shifts later in the month bringing a focus on friendships and community involvement.

Sagittarius: Philosophical and travel pursuits are highlighted, with a shift towards professional life and reputation later. Important decisions may arise regarding career direction.

Capricorn: Financial and intimate matters are in focus, especially during the full moon in your sign, which brings a culmination or turning point in personal or joint resources.

Aquarius: Relationships are a major theme, with transformative conversations likely. Later in the month, focus shifts towards deeper connections and shared finances.

Pisces: Health and work routines require attention, especially as Saturn retrogrades in your sign. Later, relationships become more significant, with potential for deep emotional conversations.

This forecast offers a comprehensive overview of the month's astrological climate, tailored to guide each sign through the opportunities and challenges of July 2024. I hope you find it useful as you move through this month.

Warmest Blessings




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