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Ancestral Connection & Guidance Tarot Reading

Ancestral Connection & Guidance Tarot Reading

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Do you hear the call of your ancestors?

I have spoken to so many people lately who feel that their ancestors are reaching out to them, but they aren't quite sure who is contacting them or why they are being called at this time.

This reading is designed to address those questions.

The questions asked during the reading are:

*Which ancestor/ ancestral line is reaching out to me now?

*Why are they making contact at this time?

*What signs/ symbols will they use to show me they are with me?

*What does my ancestor want to me to do now to bring honour to our lineage?

*What does my ancestor want me NOT to do now?

*A message of guidance from my ancestors

The reading is available as a recorded video (where I do the reading and record it then send it to you via a private link).

Once you have checked out you will receive an automatic email from "me" (via this shop platform) confirming your purchase. I will then personally email you letting you know when I will be doing your reading.

 UK Law requires that I state all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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