Are You Living MoonWise?

Living MoonWise means ebbing and flowing with the cycles of nature. It means not expecting our human selves to perform exactly the same every day, like machines. It means tuning into the dominant energies of time and place, noticing the subtle cues, and choosing to co-create WITH those energies, instead of fighting against them.

Ultimately, living MoonWise means remembering - RE-MEMBERING - finding the lost and forgotten pieces of ourselves, and reuniting them, stitching them back together in a beautiful patchwork quilt of co-creation with the divine mother and all the other beings here on Mama Earth.

But how do we do that while living in a culture which has forgotten there ever was such deep connection between human and All That Is? Which denies that such a relationship is even possible?

I don't have all the answers, but I have - through thirty years of trial, error, and reconnection - found a path which leads towards remembering.

The MoonWise Membership is my heart-program. It is what I wish had been there to guide me as I was setting-out on this goddess-centred, creative healing path. It is a way for me to share with you what is working for me, to show what I have learned - and am still learning - to open the way for your own remembering.

  • It’s kind of divine life coaching for living a more fulfilling and purposeful creative life in harmony with All That Is.

    When You Join You Get:

    • A special video each New Moon describing the energy of that moonth and introducing an oracle card to guide you as you move through the moonth. It is my aim with this video to give you an overview of the energies of that moonth and offer suggestions for how best to flow with them
    • If you are on Facebook you can also join our Circle of Kindreds. A sacred space for people to connect and share about their journey of remembering
    • Dark Moon Journaling Session. This is a Live session on Zoom, where we set up our journals together for the coming moonth. I consider my journal a sacred space which holds me as I do this work of remembering and co-creation. By setting up spreads (prepared journal pages) it opens space for growth and transformation. It's also a lot of creative fun! The recording is available afterwards for those who can't join live.
    • Journal prompts for the Full/ New and Quarter Moons These prompts are attuned with the energy of each of the respective moon phases and invite you to reflect, get clarity, and spur on healing.
    • Full Moon Goddess Guidance Video with information about the energy of the Full Moon and introducing an aspect of the Divine Feminine - a goddess guide - to accompany us through the moonth. This has been my personal practice for many years and it has been so transformational for me that I wanted to share it. Working with the divine feminine mysteries in this way is a strange and beautiful path that has taken me to many different places and understandings, but which always leads me to deeper self-knowledge, self-love, and connection.
    • Members Only What's App Chat group a space for more informal sharing and connection

Start living MoonWise...

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It will take you to my channel on YouTube where you can click "Join" at the top of the page and securely enter your payment information.

The YouTube channel Join button doesn't always show up on every mobile device, so it is best to sign up using a computer.

How it Works

Everything created for the membership is shared on the special Community Members Only Tab on Jessica's YouTube Channel Jessica and the Moon. Once you are a member then you will get a notification when new resources have been added. Make sure you have notifications turned on if you don't want to miss anything. You will also have access to all the resources created before you became a member, including the Where to Start Guide

Time Commitment 

All aspects of the membership are offerings and invitations, there is no obligation. You choose how deeply you want to engage with what is shared.

If you engage with all the videos, including the journal livestream, the time commitment is about 3-4 hours a month. Of course, it could be significantly more than that if you choose to do additional goddess research and connection, explore the extra materials shared on the community tab and/ or the What’s App group, use the journaling prompts and spreads etc. 

Basically you can find the level at which you prefer to engage with this work.

You will likely find that you ebb and flow with this, some months going more deeply than others. This is all perfect and as it should be.

What You Need

You can live MoonWise without buying anything. However, there are some things which can help to structure and assist your practice, which you might like to have. These things include:

  • A journal and pens (plus any other supplies you enjoy using - washi tape, stickers, coloured markers). This is handy to record your experiences and observations at whichever tier you are taking part, but especially for the journaling part of the MoonWise Goddess offerings. 
  • A moon calendar or almanac. I review some of my favourites here and here

What Members Are Saying...

Feedback from Clara...

MoonWise Goddess is a blessing! Finally, I have found the community of Goddess loving women I've searched for. Jessica offers the structure but then encourages us to work with it in our own unique ways. Thank you so much!

Feedback from M B...

I was happy just joining for the journaling since I love Jessica’s journal aesthetic and style. I’ve always gone away from the videos excited about my own. Everything else has been a bonus and is helping me connect to parts of myself I don’t pay as much attention to and am learning more about myself than I originally intended. This is my third month and I’m really enjoying what’s been being added. It’s not overwhelming while also giving choice and suggestions.

Feedback from Karen...

I’ve only been here for a few days but I am thrilled with everything! I am going back & devouring all the past videos too so I can feel prepared for the next live journaling session which I am SO looking forward to!

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About Your Guide

Jessica has been a student of astrology for almost three decades and has been remembering how to live MoonWise - in harmony with the lunar seasons and cycles - for twenty years.

The ebb and flow of the moon, and the energies of time and place, inform her spiritual practice and everyday magical life, from simple self care activities - like finding a good time for getting a haircut - to her journaling and creative work (she is an artist, writer and poet).

Being rooted in place is extremely important to Jessica. She lives less than five miles from the place she was born, in South Wales. She brings this grounded calming energy and awareness of our human connection with the natural world into her work.

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If you prefer to hear Jessica explain what is involved you can watch that here...

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