Discount Codes

I have negotiated quite a few discount codes for my followers now, and I thought it would be handy to share them all in one place. 

*Please know that these are affiliate links and codes. This means that if you purchase using them then I may receive a small commission. It doesn't cost you anything extra (actually you save money as you get the discount) and I truly appreciate you supporting me in this way. 



Writual are a small women-run company who sell a whole range of gorgeous and aesthetic tarot planners, journalling supplies, subscription boxes and even homewares etc. Everything they make is so beautiful! 

 a range of beautiful tarot journals in different colours with tarot cards and a plant

I am a Writual Ambassador, which means you get 15% off all their products using this link and enter the code STARR at checkout


Stationery Pal

I recently worked with Stationery Pal to create a haul and giveaway video on my YouTube channel. They are a drop shipping company selling a HUGE amount of stationery items, including washi tapes, stickers, scrapbooking supplies, pens - basically everything! It's a bit of a bazaar over there, so make a cuppa and have a good browse, or have a list of what you want going in, as it's easy to get lost in a a sea of stationery. 

You can get 15% discount at Stationery Pal using this link and entering my code: JSTARR at checkout


Under the Rowan Trees 

Another lovely stationery company is Under the Rowan Trees. This is a woman-run UK based business, so great for getting your stationery and journaling supplies if you're in the UK like I am. 

range of circus themed stationery items including scrapbooking paper and washi tape

You can get 10% off everything at Under the Rowan Trees following this link and using Jessica10 at checkout.


Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions are a subscription box company who send monthly boxes with self care type items with an esoteric aesthetic.

I have a discount code for Goddess provisions, which gets you $5 off a monthly subscription box. Use the link and enter the code SAVE5JSTARR at checkout to get the discount


That's it for now. I'll keep this page updated will any new discount codes as I have them. 

Warmest Blessings and Thanks

Jessica x