Moon Diaries, Pagan Planners, & Witchy Datebooks for 2023

Moon Diaries, Pagan Planners, & Witchy Datebooks for 2023

It’s become a tradition on my YouTube channel to make an annual planner review video featuring some of the beautiful diaries, datebooks and almanacs from some lesser known and independent publishers. (You won’t find the likes of Llewelyn or Hay House in this list).

This year I had so many to show I had to split it up into a few separate videos…

In Part 1 of the planner review video I flipped through The Flickering Cauldron Moon Diary, The Honeycomb Personal Astrological Almanac, The Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary, and the Writual 2023 Planner (I have a discount code for the Writual planner below).

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The Flickering Cauldron Moon Diary is a lovely choice of witchy/ moon diary.

The Flickering Cauldron Moon Diary 2023

I had this diary a couple of years ago and this updated version has a lot more useful information inside it.

It includes:

  • information on the moon phases and signs
  • pages for the sabbats
  • crystal and herb pages
  • practical witchy ideas tied to the season

I think this diary is perfect for those just starting out on their path and would make an ideal gift for younger witches/ teen witches.

The Honeycomb Personal Astrological Almanac is an extraordinary offering which is the stuff of dreams if you work with astrology in your daily life.

The Honeycomb Personal Astrological Almanac

It’s hard to describe exactly how cool this almanac is in words so I really recommend you watch the video flip through if it’s something you think you might be interested in. It’s basically a completely personalised almanac which has your natal transits, moon transits, and mundane transits, all laid out in a daily format which makes it simple to see exactly what is going on for you astrologically each day. It’s mind-blowing!

The Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary is such a lovely collection of weird and wonderful British folklore all woven into an easy-to-use diary format.

Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary 2023

It includes:

  • moon rise and set times
  • sun rise and set times
  • the main moon phases
  • the wheel of the year celebrations

Yes, the usual stuff. However, it also has a really unique vibe with photographs and art from across the British Isles plus I guarantee that you will come across things in this diary that you will not have read about or seen anywhere else before.

The Writual Planner is something completely different again.

Writual Planner

This is more of a practical tarot journal than a datebook. My version is dated with openings for recording a three card spread every day. They also do an undated version and/ or a one-card a day version. In fact there’s so much cool stuff on their shop I got lost there for a good while (you have been warned).

This one is best seen on video too as it’s hard to describe how well-laid out it is without having the pictures to go along with it. I’m so excited to start using it.

If you’re interested in the Writual Planner or any of their products, I have a 15% off discount code. This is an affiliate link, so if you use the code you get your 15% off, and I will also receive a kickback from Writual (so, thank you in advance, I appreciate your support). You need to use this link and enter the code “STARR” at checkout.

In Part 2 of the planner review video I will be flipping through The We’Moon 2023 and The Earth Pathways Diary 2023. (I’m still waiting on my We’Moon to arrive, urgh). I’ll make another post when that video is available on my channel.

Which diary is your favourite for 2023?

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