Join the MoonWise Membership

Join the MoonWise Membership

Welcome kindred, it's Jessica. Thank you for being here. 

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The MoonWise Membership is a sacred space for creative and witchy people who want to gather together with like-minded souls - kindreds. 

There are two levels of membership available, MoonWise Kindreds and MoonWise Goddesses.


MoonWise Kindreds is free to join - though you can also choose to support my work by paying a small monthly amount, you can find out more about that here.  Members can join our Circle of Kindreds which is hosted on Facebook (I know, Facebook can be problematic, but the circle is a truly lovely space to hang out). 

In the Circle of Kindreds we have regular posts sharing moon wisdom, astrology, tarot, crystals - and we work with a woman rune each month, to guide our practice. If these things speak to your soul then come and join us.

If you don't use Facebook but you'd still like to take part, you can join the MoonWise Kindred membership tier on YouTube and you will receive the Moon Wisdom and WomanRune video at the new moon each month, and you'll also get exclusive prompts on the members community tab. 


MoonWise Goddesses is a more structured and guided program. It builds on the work with the energy of the moon and the Womanrune of the month, and also brings in goddess connection and using journaling to work on personal growth. 

Each moonth (moon cycle) you receive:

*Dark Moon Journaling Session, where we get together on Zoom and set up our journals together for the incoming moon cycle/ moonth
*New Moon Guidance and WomanRune Video, sharing about the energy of this moon cycle and the work that is being asked of us in this cycle (guided by the WomanRune chosen)
*Journal/ Tarot prompts at the New, Full, 1st Quarter, and 3rd Quarter Moon, inviting deeper connection and bringing things into light so they can be worked with and released/ incorporated
*Full Moon Goddess Guidance Video, where I share information about the astrology of that full moon and bring in a new goddess energy for the upcoming moonth
*There is also an optional Facebook messenger chat group which you can join to connect with other MoonWise Goddess Members

MoonWise Goddess Membership costs £12.99 a month (or equivalent in your currency). You can find out more and sign up here.  

I made a video sharing more details about the MoonWise Membership here ...

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