Forecast for April 2024: Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde

Forecast for April 2024: Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde

The Astrology and Energetics of April 2024: Balancing Introspection and Action

April brings a mix of introspection and action, with Eclipse Season on the Aries/Libra axis highlighting the balance between self and other.

Mercury Retrograde invites reflection and revisiting past conversations or plans, particularly those involving personal identity and initiatives.

The anticipation builds towards a significant Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus, promising breakthroughs in how we value stability and change.

There is a lot going on this month! The energy is fiery and stimulating, which is great for bold moves and passion projects. Try to ensure you also have enough rest and down time so that you can stay balanced and well.

The keyword for April is Self-Centred.

Key Dates:

April 1st - Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Communications and travel might face delays or misunderstandings during this period. It's a time for introspection about personal goals and identity. Consider reviewing and reassessing personal projects, and it might be wise to avoid starting brand new ventures until Mercury goes direct.

April 3rd - Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

This conjunction brings a dreamy, romantic energy that enhances creativity and spiritual connection. Now is an ideal time to engage in artistic pursuits or spiritual practices, but be cautious of illusion in matters of love.

April 4th - Sun Conjunct North Node in Aries

A focus on personal destiny and growth emerges, encouraging courage to face challenges head-on. Setting intentions that align with your true path and embracing leadership roles could prove fruitful.

April 5th - Venus Moves into Aries

Passion and impulsiveness in love and finances are highlighted. There's a drive to go after what you want. You're encouraged to pursue passions boldly but beware of acting too hastily or with impatience.

April 6th - Venus in Aries Sextile Pluto in Aquarius

Expect intense emotional experiences and transformations in relationships and values. Now is the time to explore deeper bonds and be open to change within relationships to foster growth.

April 8th - Aries New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse

A powerful time for new beginnings, especially in areas of self-identity and personal goals. Consider what you need to release to move forward and set impactful new intentions during this pivotal time.

April 10th - Mars in Pisces Conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Your actions could meet with resistance or require disciplined effort to see results. There is a need for strategic planning at this time. Focus on your long-term goals; patience and persistence are key for getting the results that you want.

April 12th - Sun in Aries Conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Aries

This alignment offers a chance to realign actions with personal values and reconsider past decisions. It's a good time to reflect on your path and communicate intentions clearly, even if plans are momentarily on hold.

April 17th - Venus in Aries Conjunct North Node

Relationships play a crucial role in personal development and reaching your destiny. Connecting with others who align with your future path and being open to karmic encounters could bring significant growth.

April 19th - Sun Moves into Taurus; Venus Conjunct Mercury Retrograde; Mars Sextile Jupiter

A shift towards stability, sensuality, and practical matters begins, with a focus on revisiting and refining relationships and communication. Ground yourself and focus on finances and comfort, and make efforts to repair and revisit conversations in relationships for harmony.

April 20th - Mars in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Unexpected actions may lead to breakthroughs in stability and security. Be open to unconventional approaches to achieving your goals, as they might bring unexpected but beneficial results.

April 21st - Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus; Sun Squares Pluto

A major shift in values and security is on the horizon, challenging you to let go of outdated structures and embrace change, especially in financial and material matters. Confront and release power struggles, making room for growth.

April 24th - Scorpio Full Moon; Eclipse Season Ends

Deep emotional revelations and endings mark this time, offering a powerful opportunity for transformation and letting go. Reflect on what no longer serves you and allow for deep healing and transformation.

April 29th - Venus Moves into Taurus; Mars Conjuncts Neptune

A harmonious shift towards comfort, pleasure, and grounding takes place, with actions possibly inspired by dreams and intuition. Focus on self-care and indulgence, and align actions with spiritual or artistic inspiration to find fulfillment.

April 30th - Mars Moves into Aries

A surge of energy and assertiveness becomes available, readying you to tackle challenges head-on. It's a great time to initiate projects with confidence and channel any aggression constructively towards achieving your goals.

Practical Applications:

April's astrological landscape is rich with significant transitions and powerful alignments, weaving a complex tapestry of energy that influences personal growth, relationships, and transformation. The key themes for the month include introspection and action, the balance between self and others, and significant breakthroughs in personal values and stability.

Here's how these themes unfold and some practical ways to engage with the energies:

Introspection and Action

  • Mercury Retrograde in Aries prompts a period of reflection, particularly on matters of identity and personal ambitions. Use this time to review plans, reconsider decisions, and refine your approach to personal goals.
  • Practical Use: Journaling about your aspirations and the steps you need to take to align your actions with your true desires can be incredibly revealing. It's also a good time for meditation or quiet reflection to listen to your inner voice.

Balance Between Self and Others

  • The Aries/Libra Eclipse Season underscores the dynamic between individual needs and the importance of relationships. With Venus moving into Aries and then Taurus, there's a shift from assertive pursuit of desires to seeking harmony and stability in connections.
  • Practical Use: Foster open communication in your relationships, striving for a balance between asserting your needs and listening to those of others. Activities that encourage bonding, like shared hobbies or projects, can strengthen your connections.

Breakthroughs in Values and Stability

  • The Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus signals a time of major shifts in how we view and attain stability, security, and pleasure. This is about breaking free from old values and embracing new ways of finding fulfillment.
  • Practical Use: This is an excellent time to innovate in areas related to finance, resources, and personal values. Consider new ways of earning, saving, or investing money. Embrace sustainable practices that align with your values to create a more secure and enjoyable lifestyle.

Deep Emotional Healing and Transformation

  • The Scorpio Full Moon concludes the month's Eclipse Season, offering a chance for deep emotional clearing and insight. It's a powerful time for letting go of old wounds and embracing transformation.
  • Practical Use: Engage in deep emotional work, such as therapy, shadow work, or any practice that helps you confront and heal past traumas. Writing letters (that you don't necessarily send) to express and release pent-up emotions can be therapeutic.

Harnessing Creativity and Spiritual Insights

  • The conjunctions involving Venus, Neptune, and Mars bring a surge of creative and spiritual energy. This period supports imaginative endeavors and connecting with your intuition or higher self.
  • Practical Use: Channel your energy into creative projects, especially those that allow you to explore and express your emotions or spiritual insights. Practices like yoga, meditation, or engaging with nature can help you tap into your intuitive guidance.



Tarot Reading for April

Cards are from Tarot of Mystical Moments*

Two cards for this month which resonated so much with the astrology, it's crazy. 

The Ace of Pentacles shows us a woman sat next to a fern, with roots reaching all the way down, deep into the earth. It is so important for us to stay grounded this month. There are many new opportunities available to us now. We can step through that eclipse portal and make changes in a quick and relatively painless way. However, there is an overall feel of agitation, irritation even, so, in order to be at our best, we need to take time to root deep into Mama Earth. She will support as as we make those big shifts. 

The 6 of Wands suggests an exciting journey. And we are in the driving seat! With this Mercury Retrograde explore your innermost thoughts and needs. Where are you staying silent when you need to speak up? Where have you abandoned yourself? Magical support is available to you now, you just need to lead with your heart - and your voice. Take advantage of this manifestation potential this month by speaking what is true and see it come into being. 


You can watch the Forecast (with more about the tarot cards) here...

Throughout April, the cosmic influences call for a balance between action and reflection, urging us to reconsider our personal needs and how they align with our relationships. It's a month to embrace change, seek deeper connections, and explore new values and ways of achieving stability. By engaging with these themes consciously, you can harness April's energies to foster growth, healing, and transformation in your life.

I hope that you find this information useful, and that you will have a wonderful month. If you would like a reading exploring how these themes are affecting you personally, then you can find those here

Remember, Self-Centred does not mean selfish. 

Warmest Blessings to you!



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