An Elegant Altar Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Bast: This image captures a warm and inviting altar space, filled with symbols of cats, the sun, and other items

Bast : Journeying with the Egyptian Goddess of Protection and Pleasure

In the vast tapestry of ancient Egyptian mythology, Bast (or Bastet) emerges as a figure of intrigue and depth, a deity whose essence is woven from the threads of protection, pleasure, and the nurturing power of the sun.

Often depicted as a lioness or a woman with the head of a lion or domestic cat, Bast embodies the dual aspects of fierce guardian and gentle caretaker, guiding us through the complexities of life with strength and grace.

An Elegant Altar Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Bast: This image captures a warm and inviting altar space, filled with symbols of cats, the sun, and other items representing joy, protection, and independence, set against a backdrop of golden hues and soft lighting.

The Many Facets of Bast: Goddess of Home and Hearth

Bast's origins in ancient Egypt paint her as a guardian deity, one who watched over families, mothers, and children, offering her protection and warmth. As the daughter of Ra, the sun god, she also carried the luminous energy of the sun, her nurturing light a beacon in the darkness, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of her devotees.

In her earlier depictions, Bast was shown as a fierce lioness, the defender of the pharaoh and the nation, her roar echoing across the desert sands. Yet, as time flowed, her image softened, becoming more closely associated with the domestic cat, a symbol of the home and hearth, of fertility and femininity, but always retaining a trace of her wild, untamed nature.

Dancing with Bast: A Modern Perspective

For us, walking the path of modern feminist spirituality, Bast offers a powerful archetype of independence, sensuality, and protective strength. She invites us to explore the balance between our nurturing and assertive sides, to embrace our sensuality and the joy of living, all while standing firm in our power and autonomy.

  • Finding Joy and Pleasure: Bast reminds us of the importance of pleasure, joy, and self-care in our lives. Engage with activities that make you feel alive and joyful, whether it's dancing, creating art, or basking in the warmth of the sun. These acts of pleasure are sacred, a homage to Bast's vibrant energy.

  • Protection and Strength: Reflect on the areas of your life where you may need Bast's protective strength. Visualisation and meditation can be potent tools, imagining Bast’s fierce lioness energy guarding you from negativity and harm, her warm light enveloping you in safety.

  • Independence and Autonomy: Bast’s embodiment of the cat, an animal known for its independence, serves as a reminder to honour our own paths and autonomy. Journaling about moments when you’ve asserted your independence or instances where you wish to do so can be a powerful exercise in self-discovery.

A Serene Outdoor Setting Capturing the Essence of Bast as a Sun Goddess: The image depicts a serene outdoor setting with sunlight filtering through palm trees, casting gentle shadows on an ancient Egyptian temple. A statue of Bast, depicted as a woman with the head of a lion or domestic cat, stands prominently in the foreground, basking in the sunlight.

Honouring Bast in Daily Practice

Creating space in your life to connect with Bast can deepen your relationship with this multifaceted goddess and what she represents.

  • Altar Creation: Dedicate a small space in your home to Bast, adorning it with symbols of cats, the sun, and items that represent joy, protection, and independence to you. This sacred space can serve as a focal point for meditation and connection.

  • Rituals and Celebrations: Honour Bast through rituals that celebrate her domains. This might include lighting a candle to symbolise her protective fire, enjoying a sumptuous meal as an act of pleasure, or simply sitting in the sunlight, soaking in its warmth and vitality.

  • Community Engagement: Share the joy and strength you find in Bast with your community. Organise gatherings, workshops, or discussions focused on exploring and celebrating feminine strength, independence, and the joy of living, drawing inspiration from Bast’s attributes.

Bask In the Light of Bast

Bast, with her rich legacy of protection, pleasure, and power, continues to resonate with us across millennia, her spirit a guiding light in our own journeys. By engaging with her essence, we weave her strength, independence, and joy into the fabric of our lives, dancing in the sunlit path she illuminates.

Go Deeper

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Vibrant Community Gathering in Honor of Bast: This image shows a diverse group of people engaged in a joyful celebration in honor of Bast, surrounded by symbols of the goddess, including images of cats and the sun. The atmosphere is festive and inclusive, highlighting expressions of sisterhood and shared joy.

Do you work with this goddess? Share your experiences in the comments. 

Here are some links to reputable sources which provide additional insights into the goddess's mythology, worship, and cultural significance:

  1. World History Encyclopedia offers a detailed exploration of Bastet's role in Egyptian literature and mythology, highlighting her as a figure of protection and punishment, with fascinating stories such as the tale of Setna and Taboubu that showcase her complex nature. This source could add depth to your discussion on Bastet's mythological aspects.

  2. Britannica provides an authoritative overview of Bastet, detailing her evolution from a lioness warrior goddess to a protective deity associated with domestic cats. This entry could be useful for readers seeking a concise yet comprehensive summary of Bastet’s historical and mythological significance.

  3. Mythopedia presents an in-depth look at Bastet’s mythology, family, and the transformation from Sekhmet, reflecting on her dual nature as both nurturing and fierce. This resource is ideal for readers interested in the deeper symbolic meanings behind Bastet's worship and her place in the Egyptian pantheon.

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