Ditch Overwhelm and Plan Better Using Annual Profections / Time Lords

Ditch Overwhelm and Plan Better Using Annual Profections / Time Lords

Annual Profections is a simple but powerful Hellenistic Astrology technique (also referred to by the epic label Time Lord – because you’re working out which planet is your ruling planet/ time lord for the year).

If you know the basics of astrology this technique can be understood and used straight away, which is really exciting because it’s so useful for figuring out which part of your life you need to be focusing on right now, and how to best work with the planetary energetic tides to bring your goal setting and planning in line with the natural energy flow. I find it really helps me to stop feeling overwhelmed because I don’t have to work on All.The.Things at the same time.

I created a PDF so you can make your own annual profections calculator (and then you won’t have to keep googling it, or counting, you’re welcome).

 Annual Profections Wheel

I also made a video demonstrating how to use this technique (and your calculator).

What I love about annual profections is that it helps you identify:

  1. The house/ area of your life which is currently emphasised for you
  2. The planet / Time Lord which is your (co) ruling planet for this period of time

This means you can really dive deep into those areas of life and focus your goal setting and planning within this already highlighted space. That way you can work with the current energy rather than fighting against it.

For example, if you used the calculator and worked out that it’s a 10th house profection year for you, that would mean you are working with those 10th house themes of career and calling/ life purpose, and you can let other parts of your life, like romance, self-actualisation, health, just keep ticking over for a while (caveat, I’m not suggesting you just let the other parts of your life slide, it’s just they aren’t a growth focus area for this current period of time). It also means a chance to go deeper into understanding how that house/ sign/ and the planets in that part of your chart work for (or sometimes against) you.

When you bring the Time Lord – the planet which is the traditional ruler of that house for you – into the mix, it gets even more interesting. Sticking with that 10th house example, say that 10th house is (and yes, we are talking whole sign houses here as this is a Hellenistic Astrology Technique and they used whole sign houses) Aries, then Mars would be your time lord. With Mars as a Time Lord, the way you go about growth in those 10th house themes would look very different than if your 10th house was Cancer and Moon would be your Time Lord. With this information we can lean into the dominant energy. You can also explore what that planet represents generally, and personally in your chart, getting a deeper appreciation for the work of that planet while it is emphasised and its work is more obvious.

There are many deeper applications of this technique. I go into more detail explaining the technique and ways you can use it in the video.

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