A Month in the Cauldron

A Month in the Cauldron

“In all the old stories, the geilt is hypersensitive to the sights and sounds of the civilised world, finding them unendurable. She finds other people unendurable too; only alone in the wild, in nature, can safety and freedom be found.”
Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted: The Power of the Celtic Woman

I recognise and own that need to withdraw. The sights and sounds of this modern world, often larger than life, in technicolor and 3D, are overwhelming at times. Quiet is not just something I enjoy, it is something I need. Quiet and space. And I know I am not alone in this need. (I have witnessed it especially strongly in fellow HSPs and Neurodivergent people).

When I first heard Molly Remer talk about taking a cauldron month in 2016, it immediately resonated. An opportunity to withdraw, to soak in my own juices, to brew...

During August, I vow, I will take it all to the Cauldron…to let it bubble and brew and stew and percolate. I will pull my energy inward to let myself listen and be and to see what wants to emerge. I give myself permission not to create for public consumption during this month, but just to sit with myself and see what is bubbling, what is cooking, and how I might create a safe space for myself in which to stew up my truest magic.

Sustaining Myself by Molly Remer

Back then I said to myself, that’s a beautiful idea, but I just can’t do it. I need to be connected, sharing my creations with the world, interacting with other people. I didn’t recognise that beneath that “need” for connection was fear. What would happen if I stopped?

A cauldron on a fire

Photo by Adams Arslan on Unsplash

So, for the next few years I took a token Cauldron Month. I allowed myself to move away from daily posting on social media (and that is something that I have adopted as a habit all year round). But I was still blogging/ making videos/ writing and submitting. It was like I had a slow cooker month rather than a cauldron month. The alchemy was happening, but incredibly slowly, and it was frustrating because you just want to take the damn lid off and stir and taste it, but you know you can’t because it will add another hour to the cooking time.

In 2019 that changed. I was taking a Depth Year and when I drew my cards for 2019 in my Wheel of the Year Spread, guess what came out for August? Yup, the Hermit! I took the hint (finally) and indulged in a full cauldron month. And it was glorious!

I removed all social media from my phone, including messaging apps like What’s App and Facebook Messenger. I was still reachable by phone call or email, but was deliberate about how and when I checked those. 

I gave myself permission - as Molly suggested - not to create for public consumption for the entire month! No blogs, videos, articles etc. which felt like a huge deal because I had been consistently creating content for… well… a long time. It felt really radical. And just the right amount of scary. I took the whole of August to go deep into the cauldron of myself. Adding to the brew. Adjusting if necessary. Bubbling and boiling the raw ingredients into something tastier, more distilled – something ready to share.

a woman walking away from a large cauldron

That September I emerged from the cauldron refreshed and succulent. 

After that month in 2019 I haven't felt that strong pull to withdraw. I was satiated. But this year the yearning for the cauldron is strengthening once again, and I am considering how I can answer that call. I have a membership now, I have a Facebook Community. How can I hold space for that and also hold space for my own simmering and alchemy? 

I am thinking it over during these last weeks of July. I'll let you know when I have an answer.  

Does Cauldron Month resonate for you? If so, you should check out Molly’s excellent resources here

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You can do it because you are part of a family and that family will hold your space. You may not be there for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean you will be forgotten, your voice will still resonate in the hearts and minds of the family and they will rejoice when the time is right for your return.


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